Lincoln Park

Your guide will take you just a few miles north on the Red Line subway or the Michigan Avenue bus to what was at one time the city's municipal cemetery and burial ground for its Civil War dead. But today, Lincoln Park and its 1,208 tree-lined acres are the premises for the city's most famous greenspace.

Its activity level plainly reflects the number of enjoyable opportunities it offers. Amidst the statues of Ulysses S.Grant, William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin and, of course, Abraham Lincoln, hundreds of joggers, bicyclists and families on lazy strolls meander through the many perennial gardens that dot the rolling landscape.

At the north end of the park, the Notebaert Nature Museum and its one-of-a-kind interactive environment features an indoor butterfly sanctuary where visitors can walk amongst dozens of species of beautiful butterflies that may choose to land on a shoulder. A very brief walk nearby is the Lincoln Park Conservatory and special Orchid exhibit which is a popular attraction.

At mid-park, your guide will introduce you to the park's centerpiece, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the nation's oldest zoo. Its primate house and Regenstein Center for African Apes are world reknown.

At the park's south end is the Chicago Historical Society. The CHS houses the nation's largest collection of Lincoln memorabilia, including Lincoln's deathbed and death mask. It also features extensive exhibits of the Chicago Fire and the early settlement of the Chicago area.

On both your way in and out of the park, your guide will tell the stories of some of the opulent residences that line the bordering streets. In brief, a walk through Lincoln Park could be the most enjoyable and educational outing of your stay in our great city.

Special Note:
Lincoln Park Zoo - free everyday
Notebaert Nature Museum Washington - $7/free on Thursdays
Lincoln Park Conservatory - free everyday
Chicago Historical Society - $5/free on Mondays

(Visitors may choose to see any of the above or none.
Guide will accommodate visitor choices and make adjustments.)

Schedule May 1st-October 31st
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Includes subway or bus fare.
$40 per person for groups of just two people.
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