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The mission of every Walk Chicago Tour is linked to the commitment of our owner, Terry Sullivan, a born and bred Chicagoan who wants every visitor to love Chicago as much as he does. The intention of every walk is to enable visitors to not only see Chicago in all its grandness but to feel its energy and to know its heart. This is the sincerity of effort that separates us from the others.

Every tour is led by a knowledgeable and experienced guide who is skilled at unraveling the many layers of Chicago's culture and history. Guides are chosen for their engaging styles and their ability to share their passion for Chicago.

All our tours are intended for curious, inquisitive, budget-minded visitors. No visit to our city should be a blur on a bus nor an uncomfortable mix in a large group.

And, no visitor to Chicago should be excluded. We openly solicit the disabled and physically impaired and work to meet their individual needs.

Let Walk Chicago Tours wrap America's most American city into a story package for you to take home. Give us a chance to help you build your memories at your own pace. Come walk with us and leave our home convinced that you have come to know the real Chicago.

  • All tours are completely private. We do not combine groups nor add individuals to reserved tour times. Your Guide, Your Group Only!

  • Reservations are necessary. A minimum of two people is necessary. Call or email for available tour times.

  • See our F.A.Q. page for pricing and additional tour information.


We’ve been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor. See what our customers have to say about our tours.

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If you have been on one of our tours, we’d love your feedback.

Skyline from Drone Near Hancock




It has been a very difficult time. We have all been affected, and our lives have changed. And we must all do what is required of us until normalcy returns. But we want you to know that we are standing ready to serve you whenever you feel secure and comfortable enough to return to the beauty, friendliness and excitement that is the real Chicago. We will be ready and waiting to take a walk with you. Keep in mind that we have always been a completely private walking tour service. It will again be just your personal group and your private guide. There is no combining of tour groups. We will be properly distanced, masked and ever diligent about your safety and the avoidance of risk along the way. We hope to see you soon...we have so many stories to tell. Call or email us soon......

The Walk Chicago Tours Guide Staff


We consider ourselves Chicago's premiere educational field trip tour service (see for reviews by teachers). We have served scores of grade schools, high schools and colleges. Most of our guides are former educators (see guides page on our website) who know how to engage students and how to work with teachers to meet the intended goals for their student groups. We are open to planning with instructors to customize any of our tours to meet the objectives of their classrooms. All school groups receive special discounts. We do not charge for certified faculty members, paraprofessionals or designated school personnel serving as chaperones.

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