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Little Italy

Taylor Street's "Little Italy", once home to almost all of Chicago's Calabrese and Sicilian immigrants, is now Chicago's "cucina Italiana" (Italian Kitchen). Revitalized and still in possession of its major landmarks, "Little Italy" remains a classic Chicago original.

Narrow streets with beautiful musical names like Lena Valentino Avenue and Angela DeVito Avenue mark the location of historic family businesses such as the Scafuri Bakery, Pompeii, Tufano's Vernon Park Inn, Gennaro's and Mario's Italian Lemonade. Arrigo Park, known traditionally by residents of Little Italy as “Peanut Park” because of its shape and small size, is a very quaint and popular green space that is still the center of the neighborhoods festivals and church celebrations. Our Lady of Pompeii Church, built to serve incoming hundreds of Southern Italians, is still a community center of good will and worship.

Our Lady of Notre Dame Church, originally founded by a French-Canadian order, has baptized and educated hundreds of children whose primary language was Italian. Let there be no doubt that Italian pride is alive and well In Little Italy. Just ask any passerby and you will get a strong opinion.


Before the end of your walk, do not fail to ask your guide to stop for a cappuccino and a biscotti. "Little Italy" is a neighborhood that asks you to "mangia tutti cosi"…eat everything… and love life.

Schedule - All Year

Time - Call or email for available times

Meet - In front of Starbucks at 1430 W.Taylor Street, one and one half blocks east of Ashland on Taylor.

Minimum Number - 4 persons

Cost - $30 per person. No Credit Cards.
See the FAQ page for policies regarding discounted costs for children under 14.

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