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About Us

Walk Chicago Tours is a privately owned walking tour company. It is designed to be an alternative choice for those visitors to Chicago who are hoping to avoid large groups, rushed touring methods, inconvenient scheduling and higher costs.

Walk Chicago Tours offers private, personalized, even customized walking tours on days chosen by the visitors, at prices below those of the large touring companies.

Walk Chicago Tours employs tour guides who are experienced and knowledgeable "storytellers" with engaging personalities and a sincere passion for their home city.

The guides lead groups on comfortably paced "walking narratives" through Chicago's culturally diverse neighborhoods and other historically significant districts.

Walk Chicago Tours believes that it is best described by its promotional motto…"A Story on Every Corner…meet the real Chicago."



We want all those we serve to come to know Chicago on a personal level. We want visitors to experience Chicago's positive energy, its surprising beauty, its rich culture and its open friendliness. We strive to make each of our tours an indelible memory experienced at the visitor's own choosing and at the visitor's own pace. We want all those we serve to leave Chicago loving it as much as we do.

Private and Personalized

  • If you are staying at a Loop hotel, we will come and get you.

  • We do not combine groups.

  • We will alter any of our regular walking tours to fit your personal request.

  • We will custom design an individual tour based upon your personal interests.

  • We tour at your own pace, and we allow you time to stop and explore.

  • There is no arbitrary or rotating schedule. You choose your day.

  • We openly solicit the disabled and stand ready to meet their special needs.


About the Owner and Manager of Walk Chicago Tours

Terry Sullivan is a born and bred Chicagoan in the likeness of his Irish ancestors. He has been featured on ABC and CBS News. He has also been featured in Midwest Living Magazine, Emerging Horizons Travel Magazine, Air Tran Monthly, Wall Street Journal, and the Chicago Tribune as a tour guide who typifies pride and passion for the city of Chicago.

Terry is a former high school English teacher and baseball coach who since his early retirement has worked as a scout for two different major league baseball teams. At present, he is a Midwest scouting consultant for the Boston Red Sox.

Terry is an accomplished motivational speaker who has presented to numerous state and national conventions for both professional educators and athletic organizations. Currently, he is the host of his own public access TV talk show entitled, "The Inside Corner" on LTTV, Comcast Cable Television.

Terry and his wife Marie (maiden name also Sullivan) have three adult children... Julie, James (Lule) and Patrick (Krissy). All the Sullivans live and work in the Chicago area, and none would have it any other way.

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